Agneepath Yojana क्या है और इसके फायदे और क्वालिफिकेशन क्या है? यहाँ जानिए!

The government of India has launched the latest recruitment scheme through the Agneepath yojana. It’s a prestigious government job for those who are looking for jobs in Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and the Indian navy. Indian job seekers who are looking for government jobs in the army can pursue this job. Let’s learn about the Agneepath Yojana in detail.

Agneepath Yojana

The scheme is unique and allows the government to provide opportunities for the young generation to serve the nation. This also ensured that government has to bear a comparatively less number of retirements and pensions. The Agniveers are these people who are joining the army at a younger age under the scheme of Agneepath yojana. These younger people will continue to work for 3 years. This has helped them to understand what army life is all about. In addition to it, there are several other aspects that an individual should know before applying for it.

  • There are lots of vacancies every year under this particular scheme. it is an opportunity for the younger people to have a government job and serve the nation for 3 years.
  • There are certain special departments supporting this particular scheme.
  • After the completion of 3 years of tenure, these people can leave the services. Then there are certain plans for covering this particular scheme.
  • Certain civilian jobs can accommodate these people after their service for three years.
  • The army life is sure to help many young people to learn a lot of things in their daily life.

eligibility criteria

For every recruitment process, there are certain criteria. The Agneepath Yojana eligibility criteria have some specific requirements. The candidates applying for the post of Agniveers should go through the eligibility criteria and make sure they are up to it. The eligibility criteria for this scheme are as follows:

  • The candidates should be the citizens of India.
  • The age criteria for the candidates should be in between 18 to 24 years of age.
  • The fitness test for the candidates is mandatory. Once the candidates qualify for the physical test, they are sure to join.
  • Then these candidates will have to go through the procedure of serving for 3 years and they have to agree to it only if they are willing to do the job.
  • Based on your performance in the Indian Army for three years, there will be a selection for further jobs in the Indian Army or any of the Civil jobs.

Agneepath yojana benefits

When you are opting for a job in the Indian Army, you always expect certain benefits. The benefits are almost the same in this particular scheme. It is important to check the benefits in detail before opting for the recruitment procedure in the Indian Army. The benefits are as follows:

Agneepath scheme

  • You have three years of a guaranteed job yourself in the Indian Army. During this time you have all the liabilities to enjoy the facilities served by the Indian Army such as free rations, products at a cheaper price, and many more.
  • Many have the desire to serve the nation. It is for those people to fulfil their dreams and serve their motherland for a specific period of three years.
  • The short-term contract can be beneficial for some candidates. This experience can help them to grow up and perform better in the future.
  • There are several ways to train the new joiners in the Indian Army camps. These pieces of training can prove to be useful when deployed in an assignment or after the 3 years tenure.
  • The performances of the Agniveers are there. However, based on such performances the authority can appoint one to a special task force as a specialist.
  • After the completion of the tenure of 3 years, you can be sure about a job. This will help you to have a longer working life in the desired job.

Serving the nation is always a proud feeling. Often, elderly people talk to the younger generation about discipline and manners. The Agneepath Yojana has allowed this younger generation to experience the feeling of serving the nation, no matter what benefits and salary you get.

The official website of the Indian Army has a lot to say about the inclusion of young people through the scheme. The process of applying is very simple and you get clear instructions from the website. This concept will have a lot of impact on the younger generation.

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